November 22, 2015


Apex Group is providing the complete solution for Internet and Solar including the range of Solar panel, Hybrid Solar Invertors, UPS and Solar Charge controllers and Solar batteries to energize our internet and power needs. Solar PV system is very reliable and clean source of electricity that can suit a wide range of applications such as residence, industry, agriculture, lives etc.

 Solar Power Pack

Apex Green Solar Power Pack

Solar power packs are designed to provide electricity in homes/Industries. Today we need continuous and regular access to power for various needs. Every solar PV panel connected in the array generates electricity by converting solar radiation into electrical energy.

This electricity generated from the array of panels is transmitted to a central controller called (PCU/Solar Hybrid Invertor) which is connected to Battery bank through which the electric load is connected to get desired electric output.


Solar Panel Solar Hybrid UPS/PCU  Battery Power Pack Subsidised Subsidy
ApexGreen/ 2 Yrs ApexGreen/ 2 Yrs Exide/ 5 Yrs Price Price Amount
200 650 VA/ 12 V 100 AH*1 36400 28000 8400
300 850 VA/ 12 V 100 AH*1 45500 35000 10500
500 1450 VA/ 24 V 100 AH*1 74750 57500 17250
1000 2000 VA/ 24 V 150 AH*2 130000 100000 30000
2000 2.5 KVA/ 48 V 150 AH*4 247000 190000 57000
3000 3.5 KVA/ 48 V 150 AH*4 325000 250000 75000
4000 5.0 KVA/ 96 V 150 AH*8 507000 390000 117000
5000 7.5 KVA/ 120 V 150 AH*10 650000 500000 150000
7500 10.0 KVA/ 120 V 150 AH*10 861250 662500 198750
10000 15.0 KVA/ 120 V 150 AH*20 1332500 1025000 307500

* Installation and freight charges extra.

Apex Solar Hybrid PCU

Apex Group Solar Hybrid PCU
Apex Green Solar Hybrid PCU2
Apex Power Conditioning unit (PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller, inverter and a Grid charger. It provides the facility to charge the battery bank through either a Solar or Grid/DG set. The PCU continuously monitors the state of battery voltage, solar power output and the load. Once the batteries are charged to the preset level, the ApexGreen Solar Power Conditioning unit cuts off the Grid/DG Power from the system and Running/feeding the loads from the Solar Power+battery bank. After the battery gets discharged at certain level, the mains takes over charging as well as the load is fed through mains only. This way solar energy will be used first on priority and mains energy will be utilized only after the solar energy is fully exhausted.


Apex Solar Battery

Apex Green Solar Battery

ApexGreen providing the Solar C-10 Batteries with 5 Years Warranty with Slow charging and Slow discharging feature for great reliability on solar operation


Apex Solar Panels

Apex Solar Panels

ApexGreen Energy Private Limited manufactures TUV approved PV modules ranging from 3Wp to 300Wp with an with 25 Years Performance warranty

Power (Pmax) in Watts 40 75 100 150 150 250 300
Technical Specification AN-40/12 AN-75/12 AN-100/12 AN-150/12 AN-150/24 AN-250/24 AN-300/24
Short Circuit Current (Isc) in Amps 2.54 4.76 6.35 9.52 4.65 9.25

60 Cell


72 Cell

Voltage  at Maximum Power (Vmp) in Volts 17 17 17 17 35 29 35
Current at maximum Power (Imp) in Amps 2.35 4.41 5.88 8.82 4.29 8.82

60 Cell


Apex Solar Charge Controllers

Apex Green Charge Controller

A majority of Indian homes / offices already have inverters installed in them. But, due to insufficient grid electricity supply, especially during summers, the batteries do not get fully charged. A solar charge controller helps in charging battery using solar energy collected by Solar panels. MPPT Charge controller generates approximately 10% – 25% more power as compared to PWM charge controller

PWM charge controller 12V/24V auto select 48V, 96V, 120V, 180V, 192V

MPPT charge controller provides 12V/24V auto select for single/double battery

4 Stage battery charging – Deep discharge / Boost / Absorption / Trickle charging mode

Protections – Battery over charge, Reverse polarity, Temp. compensated charging

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater - Apex Green

Solar thermal water heating systems use the sun’s radiation to heat water — for domestic use, swimming pools and more. A typical direct solar thermal system consists of a collector, pipes and an insulated tank.

How Solar Water Heater Works

1 When the sun’s rays fall on a solar water heater collector, made of either an Evacuated Vacuum Tube system (EVT) the solar radiation heats up the water present in glass tubes (in EVT) due to high transmittance of the covering glass medium.

2 The heated water, now less dense, rises in the various tubes eventually reaching the tank at the top.

3 The relatively colder and denser water in the tank descends into the tubes, in turn getting heated — this cycle continues. The Thermosiphon effect ensures the movement of hot water upwards into the tank because of difference in density, eliminating the need for an external pump. The insulated tank ensures that the hot water remains hot for a long time.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light by Apex Green

Solar streetlight is a stand-alone solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module and LED or CFL luminaires. Solar Street light up streets, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports or indeed, any public space. During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, which is then stored in the re-chargeable battery. At night, the light turns on automatically using the electricity stored during the day



Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump by Apex Green

A solar water pump has a solar PV panel which generates current by converting solar radiation to electrical energy This electrical energy is controlled, tuned and directed by the inbuilt controller in DC Pumps or through the Variable Frequency Driver(VFD) in AC Pumps and enables the connected pump (may be submersible or surface) to draw water and feed the delivery pipelines.

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