November 22, 2015

Network Solutions

Network SolutionsApex Netcom provides a complete range of Network Solutions consisting of cabled, fiber, wireless for point to point and point to multi-point applications.

Wireless Network Solutions

High-speed wireless systems are used to provide network access to clients using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture. Wireless data links take place where there is no infrastructure for internet access or in places where bandwidth offered by current channels is too low.

With our wireless equipment you can get high bandwidth on a very long distances at very reasonable price. Our equipment provides various features including firewall, NAT, VPN, Bandwidth Management, QoS and many more.

Lease Circuit

Lease Circuit is a point-to-point data service solely dedicated for your business needs. Since you get dedicated bandwidth, you can be assured of complete security and privacy in your communication. This service entitles you to high-speed connectivity – 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world via Optical Fiber cable, Wireless or Satellite.


ANIPL IP/MPLS network is a carrier grade infrastructure built, using state of the art networking equipment. It is designed to be inherently fault tolerant & ensures optimal performance which helps customers to get the highest level of service quality.



Point to Point

Network Solutions


Network Solutions


Network Solutions


Network Solutions


Network Solutions